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Intellectual property is an intangible creation of the human mind translated into a tangible form. Trademarks, copyrights and domain names are important business assets that require protection. Without protection, businesses and individuals can not reap the full benefits of their creations and hard work.

At the Law Offices of Nikki Siesel PLLC, our lawyers have years of experience handling many different aspects of intellectual property for individuals and businesses. We can advise clients from the very inception of an idea and throughout the process of registration. In addition, our attorneys can guide you through disputes over intellectual property that you have come to utilize as part of your business. Contact our office today to further discuss any of the below types of intellectual property cases.

Trademark Law

A significant portion of our practice is devoted to handling trademark law issues. We have years of experience helping clients understand what a trademark is and how it can be utilized to protect certain aspects of your business. Our lawyers can handle international trademark filings along with domestic trademark registrations.

Copyright Law

A copyright vests in the creator from the moment of creation and consists of all exclusive rights to the work including the right to grant the usage of the creation at his or her discretion. Copyrights can be registered for a variety of creative original works which assists the creator in protecting those rights as well as accessing federal courts and damages. We are a firm that can assist clients in seeking to register a copyright or counsel you in connection with a dispute involving illegal usage of copyrighted material.

Internet Law

The Internet is constantly changing and evolving. ICANN has introduced a new program where a party can register for a new gTLD (generic top-level domain). A top level domain is the part of a domain name located to the right of the . (dot). In our domain name trademarklawesq.com the top level domain is the .com. Each company participating in the new ICANN program is developing their own marketing strategy of either registering their own brand, a geographic indicator, a community or industry name or a general category of goods such as .clothing or .voyage. This will bring new challenges for trademark owners. The laws that govern aspects of the Internet are also in flux. If you have questions about intellectual property and Internet law issues, such as domain name disputes and cybersquatting, our firm can assist in answering your questions and addressing concerns that may arise.

Business Law Counseling

Our firm provides practical counsel in business law and corporate law. We can assist in selecting the appropriate type of business association, forming business entities, and filing the appropriate documents in the proper state office. The firm can prepare and review licensing agreements, assignments, and other contracts. Our lawyers can skillfully negotiate and assist in structuring business deals as well. We hope to become your trusted business advisors.

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If you or your business are in Westchester County, Stamford, Connecticut or the surrounding communities in New York, including five boroughs of New York City, our firm can help you understand your rights in intellectual property cases. Contact our office by e-mail or call us at 914-949-9550 to set up a free consultation with one of our New York intellectual property attorneys.

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Nikki's commitment to clients is unparalleled with her devotion and attention to detail in every assignment and aspect of intellectual property law. Damien Germino
Nikki Siesel is the most profound trademark lawyer I have worked with and she has thoroughly empowered me with her knowledge. Maria Jacobs