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Intellectual Property

IP Lawyers Handling a Range of Legal Matters

At the Law Offices of Nikki Siesel PLLC, our lawyers bring years of experience to clients in New York, Connecticut and throughout the United States. We offer comprehensive counsel on a broad range of intellectual property matters, from trademark registration and trademark counseling to licensing issues and copyright concerns.

The hallmark of our practice is our commitment to personal service. We strive to treat each and every client as if he or she is our only client. We will respond to your calls and emails promptly, providing thorough and thoughtful answers to your questions as we dedicate our full attention to all aspects of your case.

Intellectual Property

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of intellectual property cases, including trademark law, domain name disputes, copyright registration and trade secrets. In addition, we will counsel you on related business and corporate law matters.

Trademark Law

Our lawyers help clients with issues that range from introductory trademark basics for entrepreneurs to detailed counsel on complex trademark issues for international corporations.

  • What is a trademark? Our firm can assist you in understanding what a trademark is, how trademarks differ from company trade names, how trademarks are used and why you should have a registered trademark.
  • What you need to know before you register a trademark: Before you incur significant expense attempting to register a trademark, look at our page detailing the trademark application. This page lays out the steps you should take before filing, so that you can minimize time and expense once you file.
  • Filing your trademark: We can help you file your trademark on the principal register or the supplemental register, which can allow you to use the registration symbol (®) and protect your trademark.
  • Filing an international trademark: We can help you take the trademark protection you have obtained in the United States and make it enforceable in many foreign jurisdictions by filing for international trademark protection.
  • Protecting your trademark: We will help you protect your trademark by setting up programs to monitor potential infringement of your trademark and implementing plans to quickly act when you have identified infringement.
  • Trademark tips: If you are planning to file a trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, review our helpful trademark tips.
  • The importance of selecting a distinctive and an inventive trademark: We can help you through the process of selecting a distinctive and inventive trade name and conducting a thorough clearance search prior to registering a trademark.
Domain Name Disputes

We also have an extensive understanding of Internet law issues such as domain name disputes and cybersquatting.


Our lawyers help clients obtain copyright protection for original works in areas of literature, music, artistry, and other intellectual works.

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To set up a free consultation, send us an email or call us at 914-949-9550. Our NYC trademark law attorneys offer a courtesy consultation and a courtesy preliminary trademark search before you are required to engage our firm for a more comprehensive search. Our lawyers work with clients in New York City, and throughout Westchester County, Stamford, Connecticut and the surrounding communities.

Client Reviews
Nikki's commitment to clients is unparalleled with her devotion and attention to detail in every assignment and aspect of intellectual property law. Damien Germino
Nikki Siesel is the most profound trademark lawyer I have worked with and she has thoroughly empowered me with her knowledge. Maria Jacobs