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"I was truly fortunate to have Nikki's representation for my trademark filing. Her experience with complex trademark issues became especially handy when an opposition was filed by another company, preventing me from completing my registration. Nikki's strategic and all-around fierce approach to our negotiations ensured that I could move forward in a timely manner and with the least amount of expense. Equally important for me, Nikki's highly skilled practice is matched by a spirit of integrity. From the onset Nikki was extremely thorough with her guidance and advice about trademark challenges - she went above and beyond to make the entire process as seamless as possible. And almost 10 years later, Nikki continues to protect my mark with the same dedication she had from the beginning. No matter the size of the company or complexity of the trademark issue, Nikki's expertise is unparalleled."

- Alicia Payne, The Leiden Group

"Nikki is incredibly knowledgable, thorough and a true pleasure to work with. We had an uphill battle to get the trademark approved and she was very straightforward regarding the process, probability and expense. Throughout the course of our working together, she always managed expectations and provided extraordinary guidance. She has an incredible ability to "think outside the box" and has a deep understanding of the examination process. A true professional at the top of her field, I would recommend her a hundred times over."

- Vanessa V., Founder of The Hemptons

"One of the hardest things to overcome in the Trademark application process is a likelihood of confusion action letter. Nikki overcame ours by responding to the action letter like no other attorney can. It was one of the most convincing and well thought out letters we've read in a while. We highly recommend Nikki to anyone seriously thinking of getting their brand trademarked."

- Good Face Stuff, Inc.

"Nikki is a great lawyer and very personable. She provided thorough guidance and service for my trademark registration and copyrighting request. She was patient with questions and provided great insight. I received two recommendations for other lawyers in the area prior before finding Nikki on google. Nikki stood out in the first five minutes on the phone. Besides registration her other invaluable contribution to my business was challenging me to rethink the business name for better future protection. Because of her, I came up with a stronger name that I believe will go much further with branding then my original idea. I've worked with many people who do their jobs really well, but Nikki is one of the few who showed interest in my future success beyond the scope of service she was hired for. I would recommend her twice over."

- Domenick Filopei, Sproutbrite

"Nikki's commitment to clients is unparalleled with her devotion and attention to detail in every assignment and aspect of intellectual property law. Her follow-through and knowledge helped my LLC trademark the name and properly search for content uniqueness. Applying and understanding the US Patent and Trademark Office guidelines were made painlessly simple by her clear explanation of regulation. I highly recommend her to any business large or small. Last but not least, she is personable and can turn what might be mundane into mirthful with a good sense of humor."

- Damien Germino, SYYK, LLC

"I was referred to Nikki Siesel and I am so thankful. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I had a challenging situation but Nikki didn't give up, she was able to get everything done for me and I couldn't be more satisfied with her work. Truly an amazing person who is great at her job. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future."

- Cashmire Londyn, LLC, Sade K.

"Nikki Siesel is the most profound trademark lawyer I have worked with and she has thoroughly empowered me with her knowledge. She not only took me through the process and steps to receive the trademark successfully, but also educated me along the way and has made me an informed business owner. Many Thanks!!"

- Maria Jacobs, Frida Method, Institute for SensoriMotorDevelopment

"I contacted Nikki Siesel for the first time by phone and did not call another lawyer because she showed intrest, she was very knowlageable and followed through with all she said! Within a day the email to the party who infringed on my rights was ready! Extremely clear and to the point! After not hearing back she took a step farther and called the person involved! Within hours all was resolved!!! She is my hero!

I am a single mom with a small startup. Nikki earned the lawyer title in my company! Thank you Nikki for all you have done, all along making sure I know, we are a team and I am not alone!"

- Tal Gill, Owner of TAL'S branded products

"Ms. Siesel is a personable professional who is well versed in all matters surrounding trademarks, from managing the technical and legal requirements, to efficiently and thoroughly protecting them. In addition, her broad-based knowledge of the intellectual property areas has proven invaluable to me."

- Robert Marino, New Fusion Publishing-BMI/Take Note Records®

"After my trademark was denied I contacted Nikki to help with the office action response. It took a lot of effort and communication with the TM office but was successful in getting my TM approved. I am more than happy to recommend her to help with any business' efforts."

- Patti L., Officer of Alpha Square, Inc.

"Nikki Siesel helped me navigate through a very difficult issue with an extremely large company that was hindering my business tremendously due to trademark infringement. Not only did I get the result I wanted, but Nikki was also extremely compassionate professionals and made the process as stress-free as possible. Given Nikki's extensive expertise and skill, I am now able to operate my business stress-free without any concern of trademark infringement from a large well-known company. I would highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with trademark infringement issues. They are simply the best."

- Joseph Persampiere, Owner, HauntedProps.Com Corp

"I must say that I had a great experience with the team. When I first approached the team with my plan and my concerns, they already offered me satisfied services. Without a doubt, I made my decision to work with the team. I want this team to handle my legal concerns. I felt comfortable as well.

I am not simply impressed by their expertise but also by their well rounded services. Even after the case was closed, they were willing to answer my other legal issues/concerns I have in which I much appreciated."

- Xiao Ding, Manager of Acuiderm, Cosmetic Laser Center & Dermatology

"As a business owner, it's frustrating to have to make important legal decisions in areas that I have no expertise. With Nikki on my team, it's rewarding to know that I have made the right decision based on hers."

- Joe Niesi, President, Valsan Bathrooms

"As a start-up business we were looking for a trademark lawyer who wasn't "too big" for a small business. After our initial consultation with Nikki we automatically knew that we didn't have to look any further. Nikki is all things professional...prompt replies, provides clear explanations and excellent insight and she clearly knows the trademark business. She's really great to work with! Nikki is a true reflection of the top-notch service her firm provides."

- Tina Lin, Owner, Summer's Paw, LLC

"Nikki is extremely knowledgeable, consistent, and thorough. Every aspect of our trademark and copyright process went along smoothly thanks to Nikki. This was the first time I've interacted with a law firm where I felt an authentic and warm connection to my business and me. I'm Grateful to have discovered this 'hidden gem' law firm. Thank You!!"

- Glen Ramsay, Founder- Inspire Nexus Inc.

"Nikki is incredible to work with. The area of intellectual property is very confusing for an inventor, even for me, and I am an attorney. It was comforting to know that our best interests were protected and that Nikki was there to guide and assist us. I would absolutely work with her again and again and again...."

- Karen Hertz, The Racktrap, LLC.